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Goodbye Enuresis for Boys 7-9 Years

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Two Bonus e-Books

"Over 100 Tips to Help Stop Bed-Wetting" and

"Smart Parenting".

Two Bonus E-Books to help Stop Bedwetting & for Smart Parenting

Goodbye Enuresis for Boys Aged 7-9 Years.

mp3 version.

In this audio presentation, Rosemary uses clinically proven techniques to put an end to enuresis. Young boys will learn how to take control of their mind and body, and how the brain and the bladder communicate with each other, even during sleep.  

This presentation is designed to be listened to each night before sleep. 

Boys will love their time with Rosemary, as she shows them simple ways to relax, improve their self-esteem and have warm, dry nights. So you can say goodbye to bedwetting. 

Includes relaxation, positive affirmations,  building inner strength and confidence. Comes with written suggestions on how to achieve the best results.

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