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Here you'll find a simple selection of brilliant audio solutions to bedwetting. You can hear samples here.

We offer titles for different age groups, in either CD or mp3 format. The audio content is identical in either version. CD's are mailed to you; mp3's are available as instant downloads, which you can use straight away. Whichever format you choose, we hope you enjoy and benefit from your purchase.

Important Notice About Accessing Your Downloaded Files.


After selecting your mp3's, and paying at the checkout, you'll be directed to a page where you can get your files. Because these are available immediately, we don't offer provision for eCheque payments, but you can use a credit card or PayPal's normal payment system. Please note that your downloaded files will be contained in an "Executable Zip" folder. You'll need to "Unzip" them before you can use them. Please make a note of where you choose to save them to on your computer, so that you can easily find them.

These zip files are reasonably large (between 25 and 30 mb). If you don't have a Broadband Internet connection, we recommend that you purchase the CD version of your chosen title.

Some Internet Explorer 6 users experience difficulties because Microsoft's browser cannot reliably handle downloading files. We recommend that you use a better, smarter browser such as Firefox. If you do have problems, don't worry. We will help you. Please contact us for assistance. You can phone us on (03) 5255 2127 (Australia) Int 61 3 5255 2127 

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Convenient mp3 downloadable format that you can access immediately. mp3 audio files are designed for use in mp3 players such as iPod or iRiver players, and of course they can be played on your computer.

mp3's may not play in older style CD players, but most modern CD players will play mp3's. It is possible to convert mp3 files to a format that will play in a normal CD player.

While the audio fidelity is slightly lower than CD quality, for spoken audio such as these, the difference is negligable. Playing time is approx. 25 minutes.


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