Say Goodbye To Bedwetting

At last! Simple, effective and enjoyable audio & e-book bedwetting solutions.

Presented by acclaimed psychotherapist Rosemary Santos.

Yes! Rosemary's superb work is now available for you to enjoy and benefit from. You'll be amazed at the power of these brilliant stop-bedwetting products.

Rosemary's qualifications include:

Diploma Child Development; Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy;

Diploma Professional Counseling; Diploma Stress Management.

C.M.A.C.A; F.M.A.S.C; R.M.A.S.C.H.

Rosemary is a fully qualified and registered supervisor for the

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (A.S.C.H.)

and also for the Australian Counselling Association (A.C.A.)

Rosemary Santos

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Dry Nights for Younger Children.

Great Audio & E-Book Stop Bedwetting Packages for All Ages

Two fabulous bonus e-books

You get the Brilliant Audio, Charts, Tips and TWO BONUS E-BOOKS

"Over 100 Tips to Stop Bedwetting" and "Smart Parenting"

Yes! All packages include Audio, E-Books & Extra Bonuses!

Stop Bedwetting packages for all ages

CD Packs Just $34.50 - MP3 Instant Downloads Just $27.50 with BONUSES!

(Bonuses alone valued at over $67.00).

We have Stop Bedwetting Packages For Every Age Group

No matter what age you are, if you're experiencing bedwetting difficulties, you've found some real help here. Dry Nights with SleepTime Bedwetting Solutions

The methods used in these amazing audio products are clinically proven to help stop bedwetting. Rosemary shows how to get the brain and the bladder talking to each other while you sleep. They'll become pretty good friends too, so they can rely on each other to help make sure you wake up nice and warm and dry.

They've helped so many people of all ages to stop bed-wetting and enjoy stress free "Dry Nights".

Superbly produced, high quality digital audio that's ideal for playing after snuggling up in bed, ready to go to sleep.

Each version comes with written suggestions on how to achieve the best possible outcome and tips to help ensure a dry bed.

Rosemary’s Bedwetting Video for Children & Parents

Please watch this video with your child. 

Rosemary gives your child some great strategies to help overcome bedwetting.

This video shows your child how they can condition their sub-conscious mind each night before going to sleep. Plays for 10 minutes.


two Bonus E-Books

You also get these great complete E-books "Over 100 Tips to Help Stop Bedwetting" and "Smart Parenting - Raising Happy Kids in the 21st Century" in Printable PDF Format. They're Yours and they're completely FREE!

(Children's & Teens Versions Only - Different bonuses for adult version).


Some true testimonials....

"We thought we'd try your product because it sounded like it just might work. We had tried many other methods, but were still having problems. We were surprised by how quickly it had an effect. After just a few weeks, a straight run of five dry nights has been achieved. This is such a relief for us all. Our daughter seems so much happier too, and she just loves the sound of Rosmary's voice. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Joe & Dianne T. LA (Los Angeles) United States.

"My name is Tracy. I just wanted to write and thankyou for your wonderful product. My son has had 21 dry nights starting from the first night he listened to Rosemary’s amazing dialogue. He would happily bundle into bed every night and listen to Rosemary, but would complain he would never reach the end because he fell asleep he finds her voice so relaxing!! The diagram was wonderful for him to draw connections between his brain and bladder and I think also has contributed to the success.

His chart is full of dry night stars and we are all relieved at such a positive outcome. Thankyou again for your amazing product, I have been recommending you to all of my friends a small investment well worth making !!  Apart from having less washing to do, to see my son wake every morning with confidence and clarity is a beautiful thing!

Thankyou again and all the very best".

Tracy J. New South Wales (Australia).

More Testimonials....

"Thank you so much Rosemary. I think everyone should know about your amazing audio products!"
Jo D - Queensland, Australia.

"My 10 year old was a chronic bed-wetter. Not anymore thanks to you Rosemary" Sandra P - Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

and read this from a very excited Melissa in Queensland....

"I just wanted to say Thank you!!! We have had 10 dry nights in a row now. I was thinking of buying an expensive bed wetting alarm, but wanted to try this CD first. Amazing!

My husband wanted to buy an expensive bed wetting alarm (about $300 or more), but I convinced him to give your Dry Nights CD a go.

It only took about 2 weeks of using it every night before it worked and my son Daniel has been dry now for 10 nights. He also started saying in the beginning that "I need to close the gate and hold on" this is when I knew that it was actually working, so thank you!! I work full-time, so it is such a relief to not have to change sheets and clothing in the middle of the night".

And another....

"Thank you! Thank you! We were just about ready to give up. I'm so glad I found your site.

Our 7 year old had us at our wits end!!! We couldn't believe such a simple answer existed.

How can this be? And why isn't everyone finding it? I want to give you a great big thank you hug."

Karen J. Manchester, U.K.


"You really have an amazing talent there. 10 dry nights in row have never been known before.

Now we can get some real sleep. I can't thank you enough. I hope you become really famous."

Carol S. MI (MICHIGAN) United States.